To My Ohana,
What would the Kingdom of God look like if it were a place here on this earth?

In what way would it operate? 

How would it be structured?

What would be its purpose and agenda? 

As its citizens, what are your desires for this Kingdom?  

I believe the Kingdom is here and now.  I believe He has in store for us, freedom and life everlasting, where the Church looks, speaks and moves with the compassion of Christ for both the believer and non-believer. I envision a church that is a reflection of heaven on earth. I envision a church where God reveals himself through His Word and the Holy Spirit, where worship is a lifestyle, and where prayer is the foundation of our relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is a church that reaches beyond its walls to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the community.  I envision a church where each and every person is equipped to love God and love people. I envision a church with a culture that draws out each person’s God-given identity, where transformation by the Holy Spirit manifests in tangible ways, and where people outwork their wholeness in Christ throughout all aspects of life.  This church’s pursuit of the lost comes from a deep passion for God and a compassion for people. I envision a highly collaborative church where people are not merely given tasks but take part in a vision. I envision a church that inspires and champions the local church to advance God’s Kingdom, where leaders can come and be inspired, refreshed, equipped, and strengthened by fresh creativity, purpose, and vision. I envision a church where both men and women are empowered to lead, preach, and influence and where the Kupuna are examples of Christ-followers in love, spiritual maturity, and zeal.  I envision a church where the younger generation will rise up and lead in love and humility. I envision a church that celebrates the local culture and heritage in which God’s presence is already evident. I envision a church where creativity showcases the beauty and wonder of God.  In this church, every person is valued above their gifting, as God's creation, made with purpose. Through this vision, I see a church that is so intertwined with the will of God and his word that wherever the church goes, dry deserts become springs of living water, and darkness and chaos become light, life, peace, and unrelenting joy. With all my heart, I believe this is God’s vision for his Church. Let’s do this together!

Yours in Christ,

The Kingdom